Hands-Only CPR For Schools And Communities

CPR in Schools: Why it Matters

In a cardiac arrest emergency, every second counts. If performed immediately, CPR can double or triple a person’s chance of survival. Empowering all youth with CPR and AED training in school will dramatically increase the number of first responders in communities each year and save lives.

Students are eager to learn the popular hands-on skill and teachers love teaching it.

Amicus Vitae wants everyone to know how to help in an emergency. That’s why we’ve developed hands-only CPR for Schools: This educational, easy-to-use program is designed to teach high grade school students, teachers, and staff the CPR skills they need to be prepared to act in an emergency.Every module here is a video based learning along

With practice while watching skills to enhance their practical skills. Post course which they will recieve a certification valid for 2 years hence gaining confidence to provide CPR at any point of given time in an emergency.

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